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of atlantic city. tropical storm that sandy has made landfall in atlantic city. washington, boston, subways are all shut down. 7000 flights have been grounded. the new york stock exchange is closed. at least millions of people are without power on along the eastern seaboard. people are ordered to move to higher ground. and manhattan is impacted this is massive. weather or not it is a t tropical storm classification or if it is a hurricane if it is still making a huge impact. jacqueline, we are still going back and forth with their id is not a ca classification. , it does not matter if it is a tropical storm because it is merging with the winter storm. because of that it is intensifying. it is basically stalling with making landfall. you can see the rainfall associated but also some snow. that is the blue on your screen and also the purple. we have been seeing this heavier rainfall rates. the all, the orange, indicating rainfall rates very very heavy, with the yellow, with over one-inch per hour. and it is not moving fast. a closer look over washington, and pennsylvania. look at that. downpo
for insisting on holding the race. as the city struggles to recover from super storm sandy. you can see this damage appeared this is just a sampling at least 90 people have been killed in 10 states. and nearly 4 million homes and businesses are still without power. some sections of the york city have not seen any aid since the storm hit on monday. >> s.i., the hardest hit of the new york's boroughs. and according to residents the most neglected. >> this is a disaster. >> they forgot about us. , this is a disaster. they are pleading. >> we are going to die! we are going to freeze. >> the storm surge pushing boats inland with entire homes swept off their foundation. half of new york's police fatalities died here. -half of new york's -- fatalities. with young boys being ripped. >> no cameras! >> this man was initially hostile and denied the woman's story. >> she did not see the woman's story. one controversy put to rest as mayor michael bloomberg cancelled sunday's to your marathon. there are rows and rows of boxes of food for the marathon runners. >> the untouched resources turning into a
cleanup the super storm sandy with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup and water rushes through. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> the cleanup from the super storm is only going to get worse this is from the mid jersey shore purifiers, and the death toll is over 40. this is from the jersey shore. experts predicted this could be one of the costliest deadlies-natural-disas with billions of dollars in lost and business revenue. president obama gave us a first hand look. the efforts to clean up and rebuilt. >> president obama joining chris christie of storm ravaged new jersey. this took the worst battering from sandy. with the blue skies came a clear picture of the damage. the iconic seaside heights amusement park on the jersey shore to the ravaged queens. a fire, flooding. >> lower manhattan the appearance of
will see a lot of flooding and it will be a bad situation as we head into tuesday. >> hurricane sandy killed 14 others across the caribbean. this strong storm is headed to the east coast and you can see that sandy soaked parts of florida. operations are being made for what could be an unprecedented hit. >> neighbors to the north kept a watch. the nation's forecasters stated that sandy is a it ugly halloween surprise. from north carolina up to new england. given the fact that this is a long storm we expected to have significant impacts. it is still a mystery as to where it will actually hit. >> this is the worst timing for a storm. the storm itself will be bad but i am worrying about ane should be lessons that we plan again. >> the storm is already impact in the presidential race and the forecast, it may have made rom a cancel. >> police are not allowing one into the water and you could see how the winds is picking up. the coast guard is discouraging anyone to be and the u.s. hurricanee center stated that all of this rain drenched haiti and it warned that it may have a life-threatening
santee tore through the big apple. after hurricane storm sandy the new work liberty and new wo-wornewark. for the.. reopened and call your carriers, first. we are getting a better idea of how much damage and devastation is just remarkable. charles clifford have some amazing before and after. >> the damage is widespread. it appears that the jersey shore line in particular bears the brunt of the storm. take a look to the before and after this is with the casino. looked like in seaside heights before and here is how it looks like, after. this entire portion has been broken off with the debris onshore. and this roof off and even this small peninsula in tuckerton.. with water completely surrounding these homes. damage and flooding inland. this is from eighth avenue in the new-york city the front of this brown building. this is the before and this is the after the entire wall has fallen down. finally, this is the entrance to a parking garage. this is the before and this is with the same looked like after completely flooded with several cars sticking out of the water. who will have mo
continue to track santee. we will keep you updated. tracking - sandy >> san francisco officials are promising tomorrow's championship is going to be grand. today, more details about the event to reselteresa estacio. what are some of the highlights? >> you can feel the excitement in the air. as every of portions of the details are falling into place this wonderful parade that is going to happen in just a short time. let me show you this monitor, you can see with plenty of people getting ready for these balloons. the orange, the black for the team colors. as we count down we are learning new details about what is in store. sources tell kron 4 news that there will be a blizzard of confetti. blanketing everybody from at least 20 trucks. thousands of balloons and players with their families will be in convertibles. everybody will be able to see them. the mayor promised that it would be world-class with changes from the one in 2010. >> a little bit different and 2010. many if you recall some of the players report on the cable cars. and many said that they cannot see them. they had to
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6